Hidden fences keep water-loving dogs safe and happy

Yes, we can keep your canine swimmer from roaming!

Owners of lakefront property often ask us, “Is there a way that I can keep my water-loving dog from swimming too far out into the lake?” The answer, fortunately, is yes! Your Hidden Boundaries underground fence can also be installed underwater to contain your pet to a safe area so he can enjoy the lake and you don’t have to worry about him swimming in the path of watercraft or out of your sight. 

Fun in the summer sun can lead to ticks for outdoor pets

It’s fun to watch your dog frolic around outside in the summer sun, exploring and sniffing in the long grass and chasing critters through the woods. But here in the midwest, every companion of an outdoors-loving animal knows summertime fun means ticks―and for the last few years especially, lots of ticks! The Great Lakes region has seen an influx of ticks in recent years for a variety of reasons, with 2020 projected to be an especially bad season. A tick can be more than an annoying pest you have to dig out of your pet’s skin; some of the common ticks found in our area are vectors for serious illnesses for humans and pets. Here are some simple tips for keeping your tick problem at a minimum!

Summertime tips for happy pets

Summer is officially here in West Michigan, meaning the warm days we’ve been experiencing lately are here to stay for a while. After spending the winter months cooped up, we’re ready to get outside with our families...and our pets! Here are some tips for ensuring your dog or cat has the best summer ever!

Should you adopt a pet during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the country copes with the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are finding themselves confined at home all day, often without much to do and wishing they had something different to occupy their time.

For some, the solution is finally adding a new family member: adoptions of new puppies or rescue dogs have skyrocketed since the advent of stay-at-home orders throughout the United States. Others have found it rewarding to provide a temporary home for a shelter dog by fostering.

Cold weather dangers for pets: Why a fur coat isn't enough

Most people are aware that leaving a pet in a car on a hot day is a deadly mistake. But what isn’t as widely known is how dangerous cold temperatures can also be for pets. In the wintertime it’s tempting to let your dog outside to enjoy all the freedom your underground fencing has to offer them, knowing they won’t overheat. There’s no question that certain breeds of dogs are especially fond of running and playing in the snow. It’s also true that long periods of exposure to sub-freezing temperatures is hazardous to all domestic pets, from Huskies to Dachshunds.

Like it or not, winter is coming — get your pet safety system ready

The unfortunate reality for pet owners in West Michigan is that, even though the fall season just kicked off, it’s never too early to start thinking about snow. You might not know when the white stuff will start to fly — you just know it’s going to happen eventually.

Give your dog the backyard of its dreams

Thanks to the convenience and effectiveness of underground pet safety systems, your dog might be spending a lot more time outdoors than they once did. The pet fence provides a peace of mind for owners to let their dogs roam free without worry that they will wander off.

Take extra measures to keep your pet safe

There is little to no doubt that underground pet safety systems are highly effective in keeping your dog or dogs contained on your property. As a service provider for some of the highest quality pet safety systems, we can attest to this effectiveness.

What to do about your digger

A propensity to dig is one of the more annoying and destructive traits you will find in dogs. Some canines dig holes for the fun of it while others furiously attempt to tunnel under fencing so they can escape the property.

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