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GentleSteps™ Customized Training

Included in your custom PetStop® electronic underground safety fence package, are Hidden Boundaries’ gentle methods for teaching your pet the new electronic underground fence boundaries. We have the most humane training available.

How we proceed is determined by your pet’s unique personality and learning needs. And, we include ways you can reinforce the training after we’ve gone. Generally, the process takes a couple of weeks. Hidden Boundaries will always be there for you, and we’ll come back if your pet needs more training later on.

Training for Puppies; Shy Dogs; Rescue Dogs; Cats

Along with PetStop® electronic underground pet safety fences, Hidden Boundaries will recommend the best receiver collar (AMC Note: Insert link to catalog here.) for use in training puppies, rescue dogs and shy, timid dogs. Our receivers (including those with rechargeable batteries), combined with our simple, GentleSteps™ Training, are all you need to effectively train your pet.

Only Hidden Boundaries offers equipment especially designed to support your pet’s GentleSteps™ training.

The First Week of Training Your Puppy

  • We start with a mild correction and gradually increase the training levels.
  • Your pet starts to respond to the warning signal.
  • This pet savvy approach is the most humane training available - Only from Hidden Boundaries.

Training & Owners Manuals

These manuals are available online at www.hiddenboundaries.com They’ll provide you with all need to know including easy, ongoing reinforcement training.

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