Pet friendly households are important for the household and the pets alike.

How to have a fun, pet-friendly home

For many of us, our house just isn’t a home without our pets! They’re not just animals – they're cherished members of our families. So it only makes sense that “home sweet home” is not only comfortable for us but also safe and accommodating for our furry friends. From choosing the right materials to arranging furniture, you have plenty of design considerations and safety measures at your disposal to transform your living space into a pet-friendly haven. Plus, with products like the PetStop RoomWizard, you can safely keep some areas off limits to curious cats and dogs! Here are some tips to keep your house safe for everyone:

Dogs show a range of emotions through their body language.

If these dogs could talk: Unlocking our furry friends' body language

We’ve all found ourselves wishing our dogs could talk, even if it’s only a sentence or two. We tend to their needs with food, shelter, treats, outdoor space with an invisible fence and room to run, but we still wonder if there’s something more they’d like from us. 

Travelling with a dog can be a lot of fun.

Travelling with Dogs: Tips for Stress-Free Adventures

Summer is officially here, and West Michigan is hitting the road! And when it’s time to travel, your dog can be an excellent companion. Exploring new sights, enjoying outdoor adventures, and creating lasting memories with our furry friends is the ultimate summer joy. However, when you’re planning on taking a trip, it’s important to prepare for your adventures thoroughly to ensure a safe and stress-free journey for both you and your dog. Here are some valuable tips and advice for traveling with dogs that will let you embark on unforgettable adventures together.

  • Prioritize Safety: Before hitting the road, prioritize your dog's safety. Visit the veterinarian to ensure your dog is healthy enough for the journey and ensure they are up to date on vaccinations and flea and tick prevention. Make sure your dog has a sturdy collar with an identification tag. Consider microchipping your dog if you have not done so already as an added precaution in the event they become separated from you during the trip.
  • Pack the Essentials: Be sure to pack a travel bag specifically for your dog, with essentials such as food, treats, medications, water, bowls, a leash, waste bags, and their favorite toys or blankets. Include a first aid kit for any minor injuries or emergencies.
  • Plan for Regular Breaks: A long car ride can be stressful for anyone! Dogs, like humans, need regular breaks to stretch their legs, relieve themselves, and stay comfortable during long journeys. Plan frequent stops along your route, allowing your dog to walk, exercise, and hydrate. Research pet-friendly rest areas or parks where they can safely explore and burn off energy.
  • Research Pet-Friendly Accommodations: When booking accommodations, make sure they are pet-friendly. Also, confirm whether the place you’re staying has any policies, additional fees, or restrictions that may apply to pets.
  • Explore Dog-Friendly Activities: Remember, this is your dog’s vacation, too! Research dog-friendly activities and attractions at your destination, such as hiking trails, parks, beaches, or dog-friendly outdoor dining. Keeping your dog's needs and interests in mind will make this a fun trip for them as well!
  • Practice Leash Etiquette: While your dog enjoys the freedom of an underground fence back at home, when exploring new places, it’s essential to always keep your dog on a leash, unless in designated off-leash areas, to ensure their safety and the safety of others around you. Be mindful of local regulations regarding dogs, such as leash laws and waste disposal rules.
  • Be Mindful of Temperature: Avoid leaving your dog alone in a hot car and provide shade and fresh water during outdoor activities. In cold weather, protect your dog with appropriate clothing and limit exposure to extreme temperatures.

Traveling with your dog can be a wonderful adventure and a great way to strengthen the bond between you while creating lifelong memories. By prioritizing safety, preparing essential supplies, and planning for breaks, you’ll set the whole family up for success!

How to safely make the most of your invisible fence this summer

How to safely make the most of your invisible fence this summer

Although we had a relatively mild winter here in West Michigan, you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of your invisible fencing system and allow your dog to get outside and soak up the best of the Spring and Summer weather. With Summer just around the corner, here are a few tips for making the most of your outdoor paradise for your pet!

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

4 Signs Of A Quality Invisible Fencing Service

So, you’ve decided to outfit your property with an invisible fence to keep your pets from roaming past your property line. Now comes the more important decision — who are you going to work with?

Dog Training: Why is it important?

We know your dog is perfect the way he is — and it's hard to imagine improving him in any way! But the truth is, training puppies or adult dogs is such an important part of their wellbeing. Not to mention the fact that a trained dog makes your life easier as well! Training comes in many forms: At Hidden Boundaries, we offer free training for your pet to keep him safely confined within your hidden fence. Your family can work together to give your pet the essential foundations he needs to become a good canine citizen  And you a professional trainer can teach your dog anything from the fundamentals to complex tasks (depending on his willingness to learn!)

Indoor games are just as fun as outdoor sometimes!

Fun indoor activities for your dog

For dog owners in the winter, it can be exciting to watch your best friend romp and play and enjoy the snowy wonderland outside in the yard within your hidden fence. But often it’s too cold or blustery to have much fun outdoors, even if you and your dog are both bundled in a sweater and jacket. Not to mention, it gets dark early enough these days that safe playtime is limited to hours when you might be busy with work or school. What is a family with a canine bundle of energy to do? Here are a few fun activities for everyone to enjoy from the warmth of your living room during the winter and all year ‘round!

Winter is a great time to take your dog for a walk

Walkin' in a winter wonderland: Pet safety tips for cold weather

Now that you’ve pulled your scarves and gloves out of the closet and blown the dust off your snow boots, it’s a little easier to admit it: winter is here, if not officially, then definitely in spirit. For the next four months, you and your dog will need to make adjustments to your outdoor routine in order to stay active and healthy. Here are a few tips to keep the whole family safe when out walking this season.

Our hidden pet fencing is ideal for pets of all ages and sizes, from a shelter or not

Shelter pets: appreciated the first week of November and all year round

The first week of November is officially National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. It's a time set aside to celebrate the very special people and organizations who take care of homeless or stray animals and the millions of animals who wind up in shelters each year. At Hidden Boundaries, we think animals from all sources make great pets and are happy to train animals from puppies and kittens to adults to use our time-tested, high-quality Pet Stop hidden fencing products

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