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Whether you live on a large, sprawling plot of rural land or are sandwiched in the middle of a crowded subdivision, you still need to find an effective way of keeping your dog on your own premises and stop it from wandering off.

Underground pet safety systems are ultra effective no matter what type of area you live in. Today, we’ll discuss how pet safety systems meet the needs of rural landowners.

Why protect dogs on rural properties?

Having access to a large plot of rural land is very beneficial for dogs — they often have acres of land to roam free on, explore and burn off their energy. Many rural landowners can’t find a sufficient fencing solution so they let their dogs wander free. This is the case on many farms.

This can put a dog at risk in a few ways:

  • The dog might wander far off the property and not remember how to get back home.
  • Dogs often share the same rural land with vulnerable animals, such as chickens, rabbits or other small pets. Pet safety systems can keep dogs out of areas where they might cause damage or harm to smaller animals.
  • Wandering off the property might even put the dog in the presence of a larger predator, which could potentially harm your pet.
  • And, of course, you have to always be concerned with the idea of the dog walking out onto a rural road where a vehicle could potentially strike it.

Just because your property is large and spacious doesn’t mean your dog is completely isolated from risks.

A cost-efficient method of fencing your rural property

The perimeter of your rural property can be very lengthy, making it both labor and cost intensive to outfit with a physical fence. Plus, dogs might dig under a fence, or find a soft spot in the perimeter.

An underground pet safety system is ideal in scenarios like this. They are cost efficient to cover large perimeters and you can protect areas inside your property to limit your dog’s access.

Next blog post, we’ll be looking at the other end of the spectrum — suburban living — and how pet safety systems help out in that environment.

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