Pet safety systems are ideal for suburban living

Underground pet safety systems are effective on all different types of properties — from homes in suburban neighborhoods to rural farms and lakeside cottages. In our last blog post, we discussed the unique risks and challenges that come with housing dogs on large, sprawling rural properties.

Today, we’ll look at suburban homes and how underground pet safety systems are the ultimate tool in keeping your dogs contained on your property.

In close quarters, it’s very important to keep dogs on your property

Because there is such a high concentration of people within suburban subdivisions, it’s very important that you keep your dog inside your own property. Risks surround your pet, including:

  • The chances that a person or animal will harm your pet — or vice versa
  • Close proximity to both neighborhood roads and busier surface streets
  • Rules and regulations that state your dog cannot roam free
  • Your dog might cause damage to someone else’s property.

The last thing you want is your dog getting free and creating havoc. Few homeowners would disagree with this fact, but suburban properties can be sometimes tricky to outfit with a solution. You have to account for:

  • Abnormal property shapes: While rural properties tend to feature large, straight perimeters, suburban properties can be more intricate, especially considering landmarks on your property (more on this in a second). Pet safety systems seamlessly work around these abnormal areas.
  • Regulations: Neighborhood and homeowners associations govern most suburban subdivisions. These governing bodies often limit your ability to install physical fencing — leaving you with the superior option of the underground variety.
  • Different landmarks and landscaping features: Gardens, flowerbeds, driveways, sidewalks — your property likely has a number of areas to work around and restrict your dog’s access. This can be difficult with physical fencing but easy with underground pet safety systems.

Stroll through any subdivision and we’re confident you will find many homes with pet safety systems. Now you know why.

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