What to do about your digger

A propensity to dig is one of the more annoying and destructive traits you will find in dogs. Some canines dig holes for the fun of it while others furiously attempt to tunnel under fencing so they can escape the property.

In the latter scenario, the dog’s digging habit is not only destructive to your property, but also dangerous to them. Many dogs around the country are hurt or killed each year after digging out of their properties and wandering out on to streets or other hazardous areas.

Some dogs are simply more prone to this habit (i.e. terriers) while others pick it up out of necessity. All things considered, pet safety systems are an effective way of keeping your four-legged digger in the yard.

Create an impenetrable perimeter

When you create a perimeter around your property with an underground pet safety system, it means the dog is contained — they can’t walk over it and they can’t dig under it without the audio and electrical shock prompts.

This makes underground pet safety systems a superior alternative to physical fencing in this regard. But, if you already have physical fencing and are finding it nearly impossible to stop your dog from digging underneath, talk to a service provider about how an underground pet safety fence can be used to complement its physical counterpart.

Pet safety systems can also be used to quarter off flowerbeds, gardens and other areas where you don’t want you dog digging around in.

Why some dogs dig

It’s also important to understand the reason why your dog might be digging. Taking certain measures to meet their physical and psychological needs can help make the problem better. The Humane Society of the United States teaches that some of the reasons dogs choose to dig include:

  • They’re bored and it’s a form of entertainment
  • They are natural hunters and want to pursue prey
  • Seeking attention
  • They want to escape
  • Comfort (i.e. if they are too hot)

Examine your dog’s accommodations in your yard. Make sure they have toys and equipment to stimulate them. Take time to interact with them and show them attention. You might be able to cure their digging habit with a little work.

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