Give your dog the backyard of its dreams

Thanks to the convenience and effectiveness of underground pet safety systems, your dog might be spending a lot more time outdoors than they once did. The pet fence provides a peace of mind for owners to let their dogs roam free without worry that they will wander off.

Because they’re outside so much, one important thing to do is analyze your property and determine if it is both safe and stimulating for your dog. We write so much on this blog about the dangers that await your dog outside of your property — but what about inside?

The following are a few tips to consider in order to create the ideal environment for your pet.

Safety and comfort is important

Above all else, you want to remove hazards from your property. Some hazards are easier to spot than others — open bags of fertilizer/pesticides, wasp nests, tight spaces where they could potentially get stuck and things like that.

However, there are certain types of plants and fungi that are considered toxic to dogs (i.e. lilies, daffodils, etc.). Take inventory of the plants on your property and do some research to make sure they are safe in case your dog decides he wants a little ill-advised snack.

You also want your dog to be comfortable on your property. Comfort can manifest itself in a number of forms:

  • Uncluttered, open space to run around in
  • Soft mulching materials that won’t hurt paws or stick to fur
  • An area that is consistently cleared of pet waste

Additionally, you can provide your dog with stimulation outside in a number of ways, from toys to a small water feature, which would serve a two-fold purpose of entertainment a hydration.

Shelter when needed

If something scares your pet, or the weather turns bad, you don’t want them stuck out in the elements. A small shelter or doghouse could be a nice touch for your property. Or, by simply installing a doggie door on your home, your dog can come indoors whenever they see fit.

Installing a pet safety system is the first step in protecting your dogs when they are outside. But, they need more than protection — these are fun-loving animals! Make sure they can have a space to enjoy themselves and stay safe.

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