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Here in the United States, we are in the midst of a manufacturing revolution. After many years of outsourcing production to offshore locations, the trend is reversing and there is, once again, pride in saying “Made in America.”

Why? Well, the “why” comes out of three factors:

  1. Quality of the finished product
  2. "Ahead of the curve" innovation
  3. Positive impact on customer service 

Let’s look first at quality. Hidden Boundaries’ Pet Stop® electronic underground fencing is the only product of its kind made entirely in the United States. Why? It’s because that way, the manufacturer can offer the best and most up to date pet safety tools of those currently on the market—and do it quickly.

And then there’s innovation… Only with Hidden Boundaries’ Pet Stop® installations can you find technology like “flash alerts” for low batteries, rechargeable “EcoLite” receivers, and customer-adjusted correction intensity. Our Pet Stop® receivers are even programmable to other systems. Now THAT’s innovation.

Finally , there is customer service… this is the area where “Made in America” really shines. And the reason is that our Pet Stop® customized electronic underground fences are flexible enough to suit your needs and your pet’s needs perfectly. Quick turnaround is an innate part of Hidden Boundaries’ customer service, along with only the latest in pet training techniques offered by our certified training staff.

Hidden Boundaries is our area’s proud distributor and service provider for “Made in America” Pet Stop® electronic underground fences. We also service all leading brands.

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