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Are you looking to contain your cat?

Wouldn’t you like to give your cat the freedom of a Pet Stop® cat fence?

If so, Hidden Boundaries has found a proven successful way to train and contain cats by using the Pet Stop® electric pet fence system.

While cats are unique and require a different type of electric pet fence training than dogs, Pet Stop® offers features that are perfect for containing cats. Cats are smaller, so it is important that the receiver be small and light. It is of equal importance that the cat fence installation be done carefully, so that cats don’t escape from the yard by climbing trees or sheds.

In addition to outdoor electric pet fences, we also provide indoor cat containment solutions – especially useful for protecting antique furniture from kitty’s claws or keeping entire rooms like the kitchen cat-free. View common layouts of electric pet fences for both indoor and outdoor cat containment for a better idea of how an electronic cat fence can work in your home.

We’d love to help whether it’s an Indoor or Outdoor solution, we have the experience and technology to meet you and your cats needs.

Give us a call today on (616) 974-9470 or Contact us using our 24 hour contact form. Our cat fence professionals are here to help.

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