There are many reasons dogs dig in their yard. Just because you have an safe underground fence, you still need to look out for bad habits!

How to keep your little digger from turning your yard upside down

Your dog loves the freedom of his underground fencing enclosure from Pet Stop® and the adventures he can have when he’s allowed to roam the yard without physical boundaries. Those adventures are always fun for him, but he can wreak havoc on your yard if you’ve got your back turned!

Whether you’ve got a Fox Terrier or a Lab mix, there’s a good chance your dog loves to dig. This is an inborn trait that many dogs have and they can’t help themselves! So it’s up to you to take the proper steps to keep them from turning your beautiful yard into a field of dirt. Because the reasons for digging vary, so do the solutions. Some breeds, such as Terriers, were bred to dig in pursuit of rodents and other prey. Other dogs use digging as a way to burn extra energy, while others dig because they lack more dog-appropriate toys or playmates.

Here is some advice for curbing this habit:

  • Give your dog regular exercise. Dogs often dig to provide themselves with entertainment. You can help alleviate this need by walking your dog regularly – ideally twice a day. Play with them in the yard using toys such as tennis balls or discs to help them burn energy. The time and attention you give will provide them with the stimulation they need and help keep them from seeking it somewhere at the bottom of a hole in your yard!
  • Give your dog more appropriate stimulation. Keeping their space outside fully stocked with safe toys they can chew on or play with can make a world of difference and keep them from treating your yard like their plaything.
  • Eliminate the prey safely. Some dogs, of course, aren’t on an aimless pursuit when they dig. They’re following their instincts to stalk out a critter. You’ll know this if they tend to focus their digging on one certain area of the yard or if their digging seems to follow a pattern. It’s tougher to stop this kind of behavior with the dog, so your best bet is to become the “hunter” yourself and humanely trap the intruder or otherwise find ways to keep your yard an unappealing habitat for them.
  • Keep them comfortable. Weather extremes often lead dogs to seek comfort by digging. During the cold winter months, dogs may seek shelter from the elements from digging. Provide an adequate outdoor shelter for your dog if you can and ensure that they aren’t outside in the cold for more time than is necessary. Likewise, in the heat of the summer, dogs often dig to find comfort from the cool dirt. Keep your dogs inside more often during these hot summer days and make sure they have plenty of water and a source of cool shade.

More information can be found here. Remember, it’s your yard too! You can still keep it beautiful while letting your four-legged friends have fun.

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