Pet safety systems vs. traditional fencing

A fenced-in backyard is a welcome sign to any pet owner. In fact, when some pet owners are hunting for a new house, this amenity can often be a deciding factor on whether or not they close the deal.

However, with the advancements made to pet safety systems, traditional fencing is no longer a necessity. More and more pet owners are turning to this underground, electronic option to corral their pups — and for good reason.

  • More cost efficient: Let’s start with the obvious — traditional fencing is a significant investment. Even if you opt for something as basic as a chain link fence, it’s going to set you back thousands of dollars in materials and manpower to install it. Pet safety systems are far more affordable in comparison.
  • Minimally invasive to your lawn: With traditional fencing, workers will have to dig up portions of your lawn to install it. Pet safety systems go in seamlessly — it’s simply a matter of putting a wire into the ground. The tiny trench created to accommodate the wire usually closes in a matter of days.
  • Complies with subdivision bylaws: Pet safety systems are often very popular in neighborhoods and subdivisions. Many of the governing associations of these subdivisions prohibit fencing, leaving you with few options on how to contain your pets.
  • Provide the same level of effectiveness: When the system is installed correctly and the dogs are trained appropriately, a pet safety system is just as effective as a physical fence.

Pet owners no longer have to search around for that coveted home with a fenced-in backyard, which could explain why pet safety systems have exploded in popularity.

Of course, there are still wide array of options when it comes to pet safety systems. Find one that fits the needs of your property and dogs by talking it over with a trusted service provider.

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