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  • Perimeter Layout

    Perimeter Layout

    The perimeter layout is probably our most popular fencing layout. It encompasses both the front and back yards, allowing your pet the maximum amount of freedom while keeping them safely and securely contained to your property.
  • Hourglass Layout

    Hourglass Layout

    the hourglass encompasses the front and back yards, but leaves the middle sections unprotected. In order to move between the two yards without fear of escape, your pet will have to go through the house.
  • Double Loop Layout

    Double Loop Layout

    the double loop layout covers either the front -OR- back yard. We generally only use this layout when the geographic features of your property prevent us from installing a perimeter or hourglass layout.
  • Indoor Layouts

    Indoor Layouts

    Our pet fences are not just limited to the outdoors, we offer indoor pet containment solutions as well. Keep your pet away from certain areas of your home, such as the kitchen or a room with fine furniture. The indoor transmitter features the same extremely customizable features as the outdoor transmitter, and it also has a wireless feature.

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