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Here at Hidden Boundaries, the safety and happiness of your pet is our top priority – that’s why we’re the best at what we do! With our expertise (over 17 years in the pet containment industry) and Pet Stop’s top-of-the-line electronic dog fence products (the most advanced on the market), we have all the materials we need to create the best fence system possible for your dog!

We guarantee it!

Each dog has their own unique personality, just like their owners, so they all have different needs when it comes to pet containment. Whether you have a timid dog that prefers to stay at home, a sneaky dog that regularly forages in the kitchen garbage can, or a more determined dog who loves to run off on neighborhood adventures, Hidden Boundaries can find a pet containment solution for you.

When you choose Hidden Boundaries, not only will you have the best electronic dog fence on the market, but you will benefit from unmatched GentleSteps™ training, giving you and your pet the most humane underground dog fence training available.

Give us a call today on (616) 974-9470 or Contact us using our 24 hour contact form. Our underground dog fence professionals are here to help.

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