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Hidden Boundaries is a licensed professional installer of Pet Stop® electric pet fencing systems – the most humane and technologically advanced underground pet fencing system available on the market! In a bold (but true) statement from Pet Stop® founder, Robert Slattery:

“If you can find a more advance pet containment system than Pet Stop®, we will buy it for you”

There are 4 key elements to our electric pet fencing systems:

  1. The Boundary Wire - typically buried a couple of inches underground. We have a variety of layouts available. Normally invisible to the naked eye, the boundary is marked with flags during training.
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  2. The Signal Transmitter - usually installed indoors and close to a power supply. This transmitter sends steady signals to the boundary wire and alerts you if there’s a problem, such as a wire break.
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  3. The Receiver Collar – highly customizable and user-friendly. Hidden Boundaries will provide the initial custom programming and fitting of your pet’s receiver collar.
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  4. The Training - a critical element to keeping your pet safe and secure. We use Gentlesteps™, a low-stress, humane method of training that helps your pet learn faster and without shocks.
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Hidden Boundaries provides both outdoor AND indoor pet containment solutions for both dogs and cats! 


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