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There is little to no doubt that underground pet safety systems are highly effective in keeping your dog or dogs contained on your property. As a service provider for some of the highest quality pet safety systems, we can attest to this effectiveness.

However, that doesn’t mean you should forgo other necessary precautions that would protect your dog were it to leave your property. For instance, if the batteries died in your system, your dog might find the chance to escape. Make sure to inspect your system to ensure it is running properly and consider taking some of the other following measures.

  • Investing in a microchip: Whether that chip is implanted along the dorsal midline of the dog, or worn externally on a tag, this is an effective way of helping others positively identify your dog and locate you.
  • Don’t leave your dog outside when you’re not home: It’s ok to have faith in your pet safety system, but you should always shy away from leaving your dog outdoors when you aren’t around to supervise. At the very least, they might bark constantly and create a disturbance. But, they could also find themselves in harm’s way even without leaving the property. Always keep an eye on your dog.
  • Properly maintain physical and underground fencing: Dogs can spend a lot of time digging underneath physical fences, creating soft spots in the perimeter that you might not notice right away. Similarly, with underground fencing, if the underground wire becomes severed or damaged, the whole system could be disabled. Whether you have physical fencing or a pet safety system, make sure to inspect it every now and then to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Pet safety systems are designed to do exactly what their name suggests — keep your dog safe. But, since this is a member of the family we’re talking about, don’t shy away from taking these extra precautions.

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